Isnin, 29 November 2010

Save our rainforest ! Stand Up and be Loud.

About Belum-Temengor Forest

The Belum-Temengor Forest Complex is the largest remaining forest landscape in Peninsular Malaysia. Located in Perak, the forest complex is over 130 million years old and measures about 300,000 hectares, which is approximately four times the size of Singapore.

At this point only the upper part, the Royal Belum State Park, which makes up one third of the forest complex is protected. The remaining portion, Temengor, is threatened by logging activities and possible conversion to plantations.

Belum-Temengor houses all 10 species of the hornbill, large mammals like the Asiatic Elephant and the Malayan Tiger as well as 3 species of Rafflesia. Hornbills for example need two crucial elements to exist: nesting sites and large forested landscapes to move and feed. With logging operators removing the larger and older trees, seven of the ten species of hornbill have been reported to be either globally threatened or near-threatened.

Our elephants, rhinos, tigers, tapirs, sun bears and seladang are declining at alarming rates and faces possible extinction due to the rapid loss of habitat and the ever present threat of wildlife poaching.

The biodiversity and integrity of Temengor’s ecosystem continues to be assaulted thus the urgency to secure the preservation of this national treasure is now greater than ever.

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